West Newbury Homes For Sale

West Newbury, Massachusetts appears directly west of Newburyport. A bedroom community with an accent on the equestrian lifestyle, West Newbury provides a perfect respite from all the hustle and bustle of bigger, self-contained towns in the North Shore area, including Boston. At the same time, residents enjoy easy access to all the conveniences and attractions of Newburyport and elsewhere in Essex County.

West Newbury real estate, as compared to Newburyport MA real estate has a unique, semi-rural profile. It showcases country side charm, suburban tranquility and numerous West Newbury homes for sale and acreage on the market at any given time. Homes for sale showcase elegance and luxury as a standard. In addition, many equestrian friendly features and facilities make available West Newbury homes quite attractive to horse lovers interested in North Shore MA.

West Newbury homes for sale offer an affluent lifestyle amid plenty of open space. In fact, many homes can be found next to the mighty Merrimack River or on farm land parcels recently claimed for residential enclaves. Rolling landscape, horse farms, trails, preserves and wetlands add volumes to the desirability of West Newbury real estate. Great riverside niches, and elegant country estates with premier locations often fetch tidy sums for luxury, West Newbury homes for sale.

Some people think of West Newbury as a village of Newburyport. Although while they rub shoulders, they area separate towns. Each with very unique community profiles. West Newbury real estate does not embrace a coastal lifestyle, as does Newburyport. West Newbury has few self-contained features, being a bedroom community. These features may be in fact what people like most about the town. It has the perfect balance of country and luxury living with every convenience just a short drive away.

If small town charm with plenty of luxury and semi-rural amenities sounds good to you, West Newbury is the place for  you. If you love horses and want to live where the equestrian lifestyle makes up a significant part of the community focus, West Newbury should more than meet with your approval.

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